The Church has left the building

That was the theme for our Easter service this year, and we lived it out. Following our online experience we invited each family to stop by the church for supplies and instructions, then spread out all over town to give back to the community. We gave back first through prayer,  praying for God’s power, peace, and provision to be given to our government officials, medical field and first responders, and we prayed over all the schools in town. We also gave away $100 each to the first 200 families ($20,000) who then used that money to give away as an act of generosity to those in need. If you participated in this Element Gives Back event in any way, we’d love to hear what you did and how God spoke to you. Please click below to share your story.

My wife Nicole and I prayed over the Wyoming Game and Fish Headquarters for their discernment in this time. We prayed over the CRMC main campus for relief and peace. We prayed over Triumph High School for patience and perseverance until things return to normal.
-P. Everhart

The presence of God was almost over whelming as we prayed over the sheriff office and the jail house.  God’s presence was so real. We also used the $100.00 to donate to Ronald macdonalds house.
-M. Giff

We have prayed at the State Capitol building, the hospital, specifically the Emergency Room and Central Hugh School. We have been so touched by seeing everyone out praying and we are so thankful for this church. This is an Easter we will never forget. We love you all and we can’t wait to worship with you all again.
-S. McHenry

We were able to bless a growing family anonymously.

S. White

My family prayed for Laramie County Sheriff’s Department, Cheyenne Police Department, Carey Junior High, East High School, CRMC medical staff, the Veterans Affairs Medical Staff and the State and Federal governments. This was an amazing to experience and a great thing to do in these uncertain times. Thank you for facilitating something so great! Happy Easter! He has RISEN!
-M. Miller

The Beightol and Wells family prayed over 6 locations and found a young man trying to get home to Oregon to give our money to. Thank you for this!! Happy Easter!!

-K. Beightol

Inspiring message and wonderful morning of prayer and outreach. Great seeing brothers and sisters doing the same!! Also blessed a family new to our area!
-M. Waterstreet

I am a firefighter in Cheyenne and I am currently under quarantine orders after a call.  I’ve had to spend the last week and a half away from my wife and 6 week old baby and I’ve been starting to feel depressed.  Today while watching Pastor Jeff, God spoke to me and I couldn’t help but cry.
The message today lifted me up and I know that God is in control.  While I cannot go out in the community, I will be praying for our community today.  I know that the Holy Spirit is more powerful than this virus and reaches beyond where I am.  Thank you for reminding me what a powerful and loving God we serve.  I love you all and cannot wait to see you all in person.

-R. Fichtner

Our family was able to tip our pizza deliver driver from papa Johns 100$ after being led by the spirit to do so. It was a wonderful experience.

-G. McGuire

Thank you Element Church for your generosity and for the opportunity to bless someone with this money. A friend of mine works two jobs to financially support her mother, brother, and more recently her daughter who just lost her job. It has been unsafe for her to work one of her jobs given her age and pre-existing condition. Thank you so much for this. She said this money could not have come at a better time.

-M. Gerringer

We order lunch from Chili’s and gave our curbside gentleman the 100.00 tip and he told us what a blessing  since they are all sharing there tips among the entire staff working today. To see his smile was surely a big blessing.

-C & R Lagreca

My family and I drove around the whole city praying for people it was the most moving and powerful experience . We drove through the parking lot in king Soopers, saw the lady pushing carts , decided she was the one we were to bless with the money. She seemed hesitant to take it , but the look on her face was the best feeling in the world. Thank you element church for giving us this opportunity to give back
-L. Spencer

We gave the Easter $100 anonymously to a tenant who has been struggling. She is fighting cancer and raising two teenage grandchildren on her own. When I heard there was an opportunity to be able to give back in our community God immediately laid her on my heart.  It is so much better to give than to receive and I feel blessed to be able to be a part of this and to leave her a little surprise.

-C. Sobieski

My Children and I on our prayer tour. Thank you Element for this experience. We love our church
-D. Rose

FUN!! We had such a great time being in our community and praying over our city! Part of the best part was seeing other Elementers all over the downtown area!!
We went to: Wyoming Business Council (govt), Cheyenne Public Safety Center (1st responders), and Laramie County Library (education).
We were also able to bless a family that has suffered significant work hours reduction.
Thanks Element for letting us be a part of this blessing!

-D & R Watzel

Awesome time! Going around to different facilities praying for everyone involved in this pandemic and asking God to bless each one and their families was a great time and was glad to have my son involved. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. Also with the $100 we received to give generously, we ordered take out from Chili’s here in Cheyenne and left the waiter the $100 tip. We miss coming to church but this was definitely a fun opportunity and we love Element church. God Bless!!

-B. Gill

We asked the Lord to direct us as to who He wanted to bless with the ElementGivesBack money. He led us to Village Inn. I called the number shown on the sign outside. A lady name Christina answered, and I felt God check my spirit – this is the one! I asked if she is a waitress and if she has been affected by covid19 financially because of not getting tips now, and she said yes. I said praise God – you are the one God wants to bless! We ordered a pie and when she came outside we handed her the envelope. We told her that God is generous and that we love her! What an incredible blessing to be a part of what God is doing today! May the risen King be glorified!!

-K & C Newman

We were one of the first families to get to the church and received an envelope of cash. We drove to the Deptartment of Health Office downtown, CRMC who recently took care of our son who suffered a TBI and also drove to Allison road between South High and Johnson Jr High and prayed over these facilities and the many families represented by them. We also chose to drop our envelope off at the Comea Shelter.

-J & B Goodwin

Our family prayed at the Capitol building, a fire station, and Goins Elementary. I work at Goins, so it made this a very personal experience, getting to pray over my co workers and the families we serve. After, we went to my coworkers house and gave her the money from the church. Her husband was recently furloughed at work, so we knew they could use the help.

-B. Whitaker

We started our journey to pray for medical workers at Life Care Center of Cheyenne. After completing our prayer journey and discussing how we wanted Element Church to “give back” we searched for a pizza place to order pizzas for the staff of the Life Care Center. We finally found Mr. Jim’s on College Ave open. When they heard what we were doing they offered to match our order, so 14 pizzas are being delivered right about now. They plan to take a picture. I’ll share it when I get it.

-D & L Klinck

We were able to go to the Kawanis Community Center, McCormick Jr. High and a fire station to pray for all of these facilities. Such a moving and humbling experience! We were also able to bless 2 people in the community. So thankful for this experience. Thank you Element Church!

-C. Andersen

I choose to pray over the department of corrections for the government facility. This moved me to tears. I prayed for guidance for the staff as the navigate these times in keeping loved one behind bars safe and calm. Then I went to Magic City to pray for those caring for disabled individuals, many who are immune compromised. This was moving for me as u read the scripture outloud. Then I went to a daycare to pray for the children of essential workers being cared for, single parents, teachers, homeschooling parents, and the seniors in high school who feel like they are missing out on milestones this year. I praised Jesus and asked him to cover and bless all of these individuals that came to mind at each location I visited. I have also been praying for God to show me whom He wants me to bless with the $100. He has revealed to me someone who has lost their job and doesn’t qualify for unemployment and has such faith while continuing to seek work for God’s glory. My heart is so full of love today as Jesus is risen! I realized how many different people are being effected by this pandemic, and today may they feel blessed.

-J. Bussell

After our prayer parade, we drove around for about and 2 hours waiting for the right opportunity. Thinking it would be easy, we soon felt God would show us instead of us picking someone, so as we pulled back into our neighborhood we noticed a postal worker!  Working on Easter to deliver mail….that moment we knew that’s who we needed to help. What an amazing day for Cheyenne thanks to Element Church!

-S. Mellish

The Church Has Left The Building! Today we enjoyed church live in our home and then we were led to Element church to donate non perishables items (for the Element Church Food Pantry), and begin our prayer tour around town. We prayed at each location for the people that are represented there: State Capitol, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and Carey Jr. High. Later today we will bless someone in our community with $100.
We are feeling incredibly blessed.
Thank you for leading the way in generosity. ❤

-The Hearns

First I just want to say how humbled my family was to be a part of this experience. What a way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!!!  We took turns reading the scriptures and prayed at City Hall, our hospital and at East high school. The money that we were asked to share in the community was given to a young stay at home mom I know. Her husband hasn’t had work in several weeks since everything shut down with the virus. I know this blessed them, not just the money, but to know that they are loved and cared about. Again, thank you for doing this for our community. I am SO PROUD to be a part of a church that has left the building!!!!

-A. Marshall

This was a great experience. And I would love to do thing again. Tasha and I went to kings Soopers and went to 2 schools and prayed over them

-J. Peters

Today you provided us with the opportunity to bless someone financially. We decided to order Curbside Pick-up from our locally owned and operated Dickey’s BBQ Pit. Element Church gave us a $100 bill to be generous with. Our meal came to $48. We gave the team member who delivered our food $160 to cover the bill. We told him the $100 bill was a blessing from our church and that he could add the $12 change to that $100 bill as well. He was shocked & so surprised. He smiled a smile that was contagious! The look on his face gave our entire family such a happy and good feeling inside….that feeling is still with us over an hour later as I write this. Not only did you bless someone in the community today, you gave us the gift of giving – and the joy that comes along with that. We love our church! Happy Easter! We also drove to several different locations and prayed over them as a family! Thank you for everything you do.

-J. Laird

Prayed at Cheyenne Pet Clinic. Asked that God protect and keep all Dr.s, techs and staff safe during this time.  Provide them with comfort and peace when they need it.  How blessed and grateful we are to have them available and willing to provide care for our pets especially during these challenging times.
Our hand signs are suppose to be dogs!

-Bettendorf Family

Prayed at the Sheriff’s Department. Asked God to protect all of law enforcement.

-Bettendorf Family

Element’s generosity blessed many today and will continue through the week. Today, God’s funds were broken into 5 $20 bills and blessed:  food service workers in the forms of tips, our mailman, and a Walmart worker who not only is living paycheck to paycheck but is in a high risk category herself and over the last several weeks has experienced harassment from customers due to the shortages. This coming week, God’s funds will also bless our military and support services staff at FEWarren AFB. Thank you for swinging the church’s doors wide open!!

-Stanfill Family

We went into Loaf and Jug gas station the kids got to pick out their favorite snacks, and we handed the entire envelope with the money inside it to the cashier. We told her that this was for her, and thank you for serving our community. I realized afterward I should taken the money out and handed it to her. That way we could see her expression. Ha ha, oops!

-A. Hazelet

We received the packets from Element church and then heading to Wyoming workforce Service, the Cheyenne Regional Hospital and South High school CBS prayed in front of each of these locations, for all of the people working so hard for our community. It was very beautiful, humbling and blessed experience!  We also received $100 that we will be giving out later today.

-R & J Sartain

I was so touched by this experience. We prayed over The Primrose Retirement Community, the Capitol, CRMC, and East High School. What a powerful, inspiring, and humbling thing to be a part of. After seeing the snow settle down and cars stopping all around town to pray, I was brought to tears by the power of God that is so evident this Easter Sunday. Diesel (my dog) and I drove home smelling like wet dog from falling in a puddle at our last stop of the prayer parade, but what peace in my heart and smile on my face I was left with. Getting to bless someone in the community was the cherry on top, it even inspired my parents to give back on their own and I’m sure they weren’t the only ones. What a wonderful church and world we live in!

-D. Valencia

Cold … bitter eastern wind and how odd … no service this Easter ( all this co-vid 19 ) , yet we still have the grand opportunity to meet on line and listen to the word , This Easter is so much different , could it be the simple part of Life that we over look due to so much distraction and self busyness . In December I recall a new word of SoZo being introduced to me in life , and the constant reminder of who is This that we call God !! God …..Such a powerful and loving creator , The Living Sacrifice , The Great I Am , what ever you call your God , and now Prayer , the importance of prayer , what it can and should look like , constantly makes me think how is this I am too busy for our SoZo?  , the Great I am , Jesus , Yahweh , what ever name you choose , Remember we call to Him and we pray these things so He is Glorified , That we don’t ever forget this and continue to strive to what His desires are !!! What desires Is our SoZo ? I know one thing I do feel His peace !! And to witness this mans face after praying around town , was priceless!! ( getting to say to a bundled up gentleman , from the church’s generosity and from the peace of our Father in Heaven and His abundance of love and hope , here …. take this …

-D. Ruiz

We decided we wanted to give the $100 to someone that is sacrificing their health and safety to serve our community. After seeing the ambulance parked we knew who to give the money to. The EMT’s were so grateful and we shared with them about Element church and thanked them for their service.

-A & T Johnson

Church was amazing today… prayed over our government (capital building) our front liners (VA Medical Center) and our educators (Arp Elementary). We also gave back with the $100 provided to us by element to pay it forward and we’re able to deliver 12 pizzas not only to front line medical but to the housekeeping employees who keep the VA clean and the Kitchen Staff who keep our long term Veterans fed during this difficult time and we were able to give the pizza man a little extra more than normal.

-T. Pare

We started out with a prayer in the church parking lot before proceeding downtown to the Capitol Building. We drove around the capitol complex praying for all of our leaders, for wisdom and strength to make good decisions for our state during this difficult time. We next drove around the hospital and stopped out in front to pray for all of those working tirelessly to help those in need and praying they would feel the love and support as we recognize they are making personal sacrifices to do their job, i.e., not being with their families. We also drove by the police department and prayed for all serving the community and First Responders. Next, for the education system, we drove to all three schools my children attended, Johnson JHS, South HS, & Sunrise Elementary. We not only prayed for the teachers and administrators as they navigate new waters in instruction, but also prayed for all children and families recognizing some of those families will be the hardest hit economically. We prayed that no child would go hungry or be afraid to be home due to an abusive situation. We prayed all parents would have additional patience, love, and understanding for their children.

This was an amazing and truly powerful experience. 🙂 We actually saw many families visiting some of the same locations as us. One family of four got out in front of the hospital and held hands in a circle and prayed. I tried to get a picture of them before they disbanded but was too late. I am sure anybody seeing all of these wonderful Acts feels the love and connection our church is giving to the community.

-L. Hernandez

We prayed for the officials at the Capital, my fellow co-workers in the Emergency Dept, and the staff at my boy’s school Prairie Wind Elementary. We then blessed a dear friend who is like a mom to me with the $100 who is battling cancer. Thank you Element church!

-L. Feagler

We decided to give back the $100 to a homeless person. I had prayed for God to provide someone in need of this money and minutes later there was a gentleman walking down the road – perfect timing. We stopped him and handed him the envelope and he began crying saying he had been trying to find a way to get a bus ticket home. What a moment only God could provide! We also prayed for him and wished him a Happy Easter.

-C. Thompson

This was an amazing experience, as a family we decided to pray for all schools we passed as well as cops, senior centers, fire departments, and truck stops on our way to our home town Burns WY. We finally made it to Burns to pray over the whole town , the town hall, fire district, day care and schools. We also prayed for all the Churches in town. Thankyou for this and we will continue to pray over them all and more. God Bless…

-K. Wills

We prayed for God’s guidance on who would need this gift the most.  During our prayer drive, we kept looking for a person in need, but never found one we were called to help.  Toward the end of our prayer drive, we realized that God’s timing is not our timing.  We were content with driving around in faith for as long as it took today and to be at peace no matter the outcome.  Eventually we found a man carrying some wood pallets probably to build a shelter for himself.  We pulled over and gave him the envelope, wished him a Happy Easter and told him God loved him.  He was beyond grateful.  We also left him with a care package.  He never opened the envelope while we talked.  But as we drove away, he sat down and lowered his head in what may have been prayer.  Regardless, we were glad we waited for the Lord to lead us to him.

-D. Williams

Our little family (my husband Chris, our 4-year-old Abby, and myself) really enjoyed our prayer journey for Cheyenne today! We first stopped to pray specifically for Mayor Orr as she guides our city during this unprecedented time. We then stopped to pray for the team at Stitches Acute Care, as they took wonderful care of both myself and Chris last month when we started having COVID-like symptoms. Our last stop was at LCCC, specifically at the Children’s Discovery Center where Abby has been enrolled for the past few years.  What an incredible way to spend our Easter Sunday!

-R. Duden

The Tomb is Empty and so is our living room we went out and spread some love of Jesus over our community! Thank you Element staff for all your great ideas and hard work!!! This was a great experience.  We were sent out to pray over a Government facility, Medical or First responder location, and a School or Education location. We chose The US POSTAL SERVICE, LCFD#2, and EAST HIGH SCHOOL. We were also able to bless a Cashier at a Drive thru on our outing. It showed us that no matter the restrictions, viruses, or attempted road blocks the world throws at us, our power of prayer is far stronger!

-C. Mausbach

We prayed at the Capital Building, Fire Station One and East High School. This was one of the most powerful things we have ever done with our faith. It felt so amazing to stand on their actual ground and pray for all! We have a first responder in the family who is quarantined now from being exposed and has a new baby. Our hearts go out to all who are serving and making decisions and this was a an amazing way to feel like we made a difference.

-F & M Fichtner

I can’t really express how grateful I am to be a part of Element Church. It was incredibly powerful to see my church family all over town, praying over our city. We serve a radically generous God, so we will be a radically generous people. Thank you Element Church. This is what it means to “Be the Light.” Love and miss you all.
(Sawyer and I stopped at the Capitol, the Hospital, Henderson Elementary, and the VA Hospital)

-V. Bayless

What a great way to celebrate His resurrection by serving our community. My wife and I cruised the town stopping and praying for our city government, Cheyenne Fire and Rescue station 1, and Freedom Elementary. This was definitely a different Easter but the most impactful. Thanks to the Element staff for putting everything together and everyone who participated. He is risen!

-S & C Reid

Today, we were given an envelope with $100. We decided to bless a family that we know. Both adults in the household have been laid off due to the COVID-19 situation and neither one has any work lined up in the near future. Together, they have six children to take care of. Neither of them is a follower of Christ and can be quite hostile to Christians and the church. We blessed them with the $100 and told them about Element’s generosity. They were extremely grateful and in awe that we thought of them. Hopefully, this planted some seeds and positive messages about the church!

-S. Allen

I love our church, GOD’S church!!!  My husband, Brent is working today and my boys are grown, living in Tx. Soooooooo just me and God today️. My pics won’t load but that is ok!!  I started at the Quest building, walked around the building praying for WHP Dispatch, State Troopers,Sherrif’s Office, Cheyenne PD, the jail and all First Responders.  I then went to the beautiful Capitol and walked around that as well…. praying for those in local and state government, prayers for wisdom and safety.  After the capital I went to Cheyenne Regional and prayed for all who work there and all patients.  Prayed for God’s healing hand over all and WISDOM!  I passed by LCCC and a couple other schools and prayed for wisdom, peace, health and strength for teachers, administrators and students.  I prayed that our community, state, nation and world would SEE JESUS in all of this and that whatever we were all to glean from this would be deposited in our hearts, minds and spirits!  I was blessed to be one who received an envelope with cash and am earnestly praying about WHO to give it to!  What an incredible day, so blessed to be a part of Jesus and His church leaving the building!!!

-T. Ragsdale

My husband works at the Fairfield Inn Hotel in Lincolnway. Unfortunately, most of the employees were left with the choice of barely working any hours or to quit. I gave my husband the $100 and told him to bless one of the employees who he knows really needs it. He told me that he had a couple in mind and he might split between 2 of them! Thank you Element Church for empowering us to bless those who need it. I could barely explain to him what was happening because I was ugly crying happy tears! (I’m pregnant so I may be a little bit more emotional that usual too!)

-J. Serrano

Since we had 2 $50 bills we wanted to split it. We needed gas but Walmart was closed so we went to the gas station across Dell Range. I bought a pack of gum and told him to keep the change. He said, “Really? You sure?” I decided I probably needed to collect the $$ and give it to him outside of the counter so he couldn’t get in trouble. Then I told him “Happy Easter. Bye.” The second place was the discount smoker place on Snyder. Dan bought a drink and gave the rest to the cashier. She said, “No this is too much. I’ll keep $5 and you take the rest.” He replied with “no, it’s all yours. Happy Easter.”
This experience really reminds us of how we can and do make an impact on our community.

-C & D Kaelin

An amazing experience, motivating and encouraging.


The Loftin family stopped and prayed at the Capital, hospital, McCormick Jr High and Hobbs Elementry.  While we were driving around down town we were talking about who we should give our own money too.  We spotted a homeless man walking and looking like he was struggling. He had a big backpack on and it looked like an empty jug of water attached to his belt loop.  We as a family  decided he would be the person we were going to bless on Easter. We took all the cash we had in our wallets at the time that came up to $90. We got out of our car and stopped him before he crossed the street.  We handed him the money and told him we would pray for him.  He had tears in his eyes as did we and he thanked us. Feels so good to give back!

-Loftin Family

God is so so good. Anthony and I didn’t make it to the church in time to take advantage of the blessing money for someone in need, BUT, we had $30 and bought $30 worth of cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches and headed to the Pilot where many of our hungry truck drivers are faced with limited food options because of restaurants and gas station food options being closed.
We prayed for our unemployment office workers, our frontline heroes at the hospital as well as our frontline delivery drivers.
May God bless us ALL!

-H. Staples

We gave out hundred dollar bill to an assisted living here in Cheyenne so they could order out Waster dinner for the staff. The gal we gave it to was very excited and appreciative. She was smiling like crazy.

-D. Reed

I struggled a little about how best to use the money. I had to mail a package and asked the Lord to show me where the money was most needed. I didn’t see anyone around the post office, I drove through Walmart’s parking lot, Albertsons parking lot then drove downtown just looking for someone who may be in need.  Didn’t see anyone so I drove by Comea, saw a couple of people walking around turned around to stop one individual when I was led to a different one just down the street!  I caught up to him asked if I could give him some money. He said he could really use it right now. We blessed each other and went on our way.  God is good!

-D. Anderson

Dropped off a bag of canned goods, got the instructions for our prayer parade, then drove to four spots we both felt led to pray over.  Cheyenne Regional Hospital, State Capitol, Prarie Wind Elementary, and Ranchettes Fire Station #2!  We’ll be sending birthday gifts and practical gifts to the four kids we sponsor through Compassion Int’l and Love Does (Bob Goff).  We thank Him for this opportunity, and for the ability, to give back.  He is Risen indeed!

-M & S Lussi

Great Easter Service and awesome way to stay connected! We went to Central High School, CRMC Cancer Center, and the Capitol building! Thank you so much for getting us out in the community!

-C. Westfall

We were blessed to be a part of this today. We prayed at the Wyoming State Capitol Bldg, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, Fire Station #6, and sat in between Central High, McCormick Jr. and could see Jessup Elementary school and prayed for those students and teachers. We anonymously dropped off our $100 to our sons friends house – their lives have been affected due to COVID-19 and they could use the help right now. Thank you Element Church for setting this up and making Easter Service so special while social distancing.

-Baca Family

One of the most joy-filled Easter experiences I’ve ever had. We went to the Capitol Building, Central High School and the fire station off of Horse Creek Rd. and prayed over them all. What a great reminder to pray for our leaders, teachers, and first responders and their families for peace, power and provision. It changed our entire perspective during this challenging time. Thank you Element Church for organizing this amazing event!

-A. Burron

We gifted our delivery person for our Easter meal with the $100.

-C & M Young

We decided to give thank you cards and $20 bills to 5 grocery store workers at the south Greeley Safeway location. We just thanked them for their service and for making sure we have food during this time when a few folks are going crazy!

-D. Mowery

It was awesome to go throughout our city and see other members of our great church stopping, praying & taking photos as they also did this prayer walk. Lets keep it going Church… We serve an AWESOME risen Savior all year long.

God confirmed his love for us, our church, community and world. With the power of prayer, scripture, music playlist as well as Jeff’s encouraging words on the phone.

-K & T Trimmer

After we joined the church in prayer around our city, we ordered pizza for lunch and gave our delivery driver the envelope from Element containing the $100.  Due to them requiring no contact delivery I was not able to hand it to her personally.   I pray she was overwhelmed with blessings by this gift from Element!   Thank you Element for an Easter experience my family will never forget!!

-B. Way

Element church had every car bring a can good, then we were to drive to three places and pray for them, we prayed for the Governor and the Capital, the Cancer Center/Hospital, and the Superintendent of Schools. Then they gave us $100 to give to someone in the community. We bought two pies from Perkins and gave them the $100 for the 4 workers.

-KC Ramsey

It was a blessing day filled with love and joy. We went to the Govoners mansion and prayed for him and our president and other leaders. Then we headed to CRMC and prayed over all first responders and medical staff along with the police officers and firefighters. Then we were on our way to Johnson jr high when god led us to LCSD#1 administration building where we prayed for the educators students parents and any others that needed prayer. God put it on our hearts to buy gift cards for the less fortunate that stay out in this cold to buy a hot meal and 2 families struggling to make ends meet. Praise Jesus. #elementgivesback  #thechurchhasleftthebuilding.

-C & P Monrroy

We watched 9am live and picked up our packet at the church then went and did our prayers around town. We stopped at the Capitol building, Cheyenne Police Dept., firehouse close to our house and East High.We got the envelope to bless someone. Both of us immediately thought of my mom. She is 82 and on social security and does not like to accept money from us. But when we told her it was from Element she accepted the blessing! Thank you Element church for being radically generous to our Cheyenne community!

-M & V Tucker

My husband, daughter, and I did the prayer tour through Cheyenne and prayed at the Capital building. We next went and prayed over CRMC and the staff and patients. We then went to Hebard and prayed over the building, the staff, the families, and especially students. We ended our tour at East High where we prayed again. We decided to use our $100 to bless the Comea Shelter. They are going above and beyond to not only help their clients, but the community as well. While we were there we were able to serve as well as we delivered dinner to the Burke Apartments. What a glorious and blessed Easter. The church has left the building!

-C Hayes

After getting the brochure, I went to the courthouse at first to pray for the judges and lawyers that make decisions everyday that impact lives forever.  I prayed for God to guide them in every task they face.  Later, when Doug got off work we were driving and went by the National Guard.  we both looked at each other at the same time and knew we had to pray for all of those serving there.  There was no hesitation in heading to the CRMC ED afterward.  Every day I see my team care for every single person that walks in the door with genuine empathy.  I feel their fear, not for the virus, but because there is no specific treatment for this virus.  I feel their worry about taking Covid-19 home to their families inadvertently.  I feel their stress about losing shifts or pay because the overall census has dropped significantly. I feel their frustration about maybe not being able to do enough for the patients that we do have.  After that I went to Central High School. At first I was going to pray for the teachers, but instead felt Gods urging to pray for the seniors who feel they are missing out on so much.  I prayed for their deep sense of  loss of a Prom or graduation or last football game to be filled with Gods love leading them to serve others and show generosity in their daily life.  Doug and I prayed about who to give the money to.  We finally decided to give it to low-paid waitress who makes their living by serving others their food on a daily basis.  We started at the Village Inn, but it was closed.  So we went to another local restaurant and ordered our food, waiting for it to be delivered curbside.  The lady who brought our food was an older lady who I’ve seen waiting tables there before.  She is always smiling and appears to be a hard worker.  We gave her the envelope not seeing her response as she was still fumbling to get it opened as we drove away.   I feel in my heart she needed it as the restaurants hours have been shortened a lot and her shoes appeared to be torn. Im inspired to continue the generosity.  My plan is to buy food cards for the homeless people that come into the ED with made up complaints just to get warm or to have someone to talk to.  They all have needs, it’s my job to try to serve those needs or at least offer a card for a meal that they may not otherwise get. Yes, Element you have inspired me to do more for others.  Every Single Day

-J. Bourlier-Childress

We drove to Stitches, the courthouse, and East high school. We took turns praying and it was powerful hearing our son pray over his high school and leadership (teachers, administrators, and superintendent etc).

-C & W Smith

Today was incredible! Happy Easter Element family and Happy Easter Cheyenne!!
This morning we prayed over the VA Hospital, Lifecare, and we chose both McCormick and Central because both deserve the love! It was powerful to experience this opportunity and so impactful for my kids to see that no matter what, we can still PRAY!
We also received an envelope with the $100 and I couldn’t decide exactly how we wanted to bless somebody with that to make sure it went exactly where it was supposed to go…
This afternoon we were invited on a Scavenger Hunt with friends! Boys vs Girls of course, and everything was found from the vehicles and documented through photos fir proof – except 1 thing… a photo of one of the team members pumping gas for a stranger. We had the coolest opportunity to meet a stranger,  pump his gas and take the photo AND THEN…. hand him the $100 before we left.  He was shocked and excited… no words needed, we could feel.it was the exact person who needed it today – his smile said more than words ever could have! Such an amazing experience…. Thank you Element Church!

-K. Freeman

Thanks to Element Church we were able to match their generosity to bless a Walmart Associate today for Easter. This single mom trying to raise a junior high kid, homeschooling and working all she can during these uncertain times was brought to tears and filled with gratefulness!

-J & D Marlin

My kids and I decided we wanted to bless the truck drivers who faithfully drive the long roads to bring groceries, medical supplies, and more to all of us.  We took the $100 and divided it up into 10 $10 gift cards.  The clerks at the Flying J were so excited to help hand out the cards on our behalf as a surprise from Element church.  Several truckers approached me as we were doing the purchase, thanking me with tears in their eyes.  They said it was these random acts that kept them going and being away from their families.  I was able to speak words of encouragement with them, and a big air hug was had by all!  God is sooooo awesome!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of this blessing.

-S. Keller Miller

After watching the church service online, me and my family were motivated to leave our home and drive to element church and participate in today’s challenge. First we went to a government building and prayed. Then our second location was a medical building and also prayed for everyone in the building. Third we went to a school and prayed there as well as following the instructions included in the pamphlet that was given to us. Today was the best Easter ever! Me and my family had the best opportunity to challenge ourselves and bless our community in a big way. After praying for all three locations we felt peace, excitement and joy in our hearts. Like we have never felt before. We weren’t one of the first hundred cars to receive the money, but we’re still able to bless a neighbor with a $50 dollar walmart card. Today was awesome! Thanks Element Church.

-S. Williams

We went and prayed over the hospital, the capital, the Cheyenne public safety center and Henderson elementary . We stopped in a Albertsons on our way home and paid for a couple people’s groceries then gave the cashier a $100 tip. She was in tears and told us how much she needed the extra cash and how blessed she felt. It was amazing driving around to all of these places and seeing people come together and cover our community in prayer

-A. Baker

My wife, two boys, and I ventured out and pulled up to the front of the church in our monstrous van, where we were met by Pastor Jeff. Pastor Jeff handed us our packet and zoom, we were on our way. But first, that holy act of coffee consumption.

We stopped first at Dazbog Coffee, which we were glad was open. We felt bad for the young lady working on Easter. We decided there and then to bless her with the $100 we received from Element. It was a simple thank you and courtesy for working during Covid-19 and on Easter. The gift was received with a sincere thank you and we continued.

Our prayer stops included DFS (government), the Wyoming Highway Patrol Academy at LCCC (first responders), and Lebhart Elementary. We followed this up by matching the church by taking $100 from our account and giving $20s to five random people we encountered. It was a great example for our kids.

The highlight came however when a lady whom my wife helped out before reached out to my wife, noticing that it was her daughter (posted on my wife’s FB page) that we blessed with the $100. It sounds like she needed it and needs God’s presence in her life. A God encounter for sure.

-P. Pace

My husband and I chose to pray for Public Health Dept., HealthReach, and Alta Vista school. We mailed the “You’ve been prayed for”postcards before we headed home. Later in the day, I went to Albertsons and purchased a $50 gift card to give to a fellow teacher. She has been helping get food for a student whose family is struggling. Then, I gave the extra $50 to the cashier at Albertsons. She was so grateful and first said she couldn’t take it. I told her she had to and it was from Element Church! The young lady behind me in line heard our conversation and commented, “Element has been doing a lot today!” She told us she delivered food to a couple and they gave her $100 tip. What a blessing to them and me!! Thank you Element for blessing the community!

-K. Ferris

Definitely a memorable Easter for 2020! My husband, Matt, and I were filled with so much enjoyment getting to participate in the “prayer parade” around town. We prayed over the Governor’s residence, Cheyenne VAMC and Meadowlark Elementary. We were fortunate to gift $100 to a Chili’s server, Michael. Although he was happy and blessed, he openly expressed that the tip would be split evenly between all workers. Proof that even in a time of chaos, people are still gracious and giving to others. Thank you Element Church for hosting this event and letting us be a part of such an incredible and unforgettable experience! We love our church, and we love God! Praise Him for the work being done in the community and around the globe!!!!

-K. Goldman

Today’s church service was awesome!!! Really helped get the message out that Christ has risen and to put faith is his protection. We all had a great time in serving and impacting lives. All the pictures posted were places that were prayed for. We prayed for people who work at the BLM building because of our brother-in-law and the multiple services that impact our community. We prayed at the Express Care because of the sacrifices that the first responders have to endure and also because my fellow employee has a wife that works there. We also prayed at 3 schools because of the impact they have on Sarah Worley Gross and our kids each going to different school. The envelope to bless someone in the community really hit our family in a good way. I gave it to a co-worker whose wife was just sent home Thursday for a fever. She works for an urgent care facility. After I gave them the envelope, I got a text saying that he would attend at least one service with me. He is a very hard atheist. It truly is for that one person to plant that seed. I am so grateful for our generous God and how he can work in so many ways. God is great!!!

-J. Gross

Our cups were over filled with power in prayer from the holy spirit, powerless over all that’s going on but not in prayer…where two or more are gathered so shall I be!!!  We prayed over the workforce center, crmc cancer center and all the hospital and hebard elementary!  We prayed for a hedge of protection over the world!!  God help us all!

-The Bronsons Munoz

My husband, myself and our 2 kids plus a family friend loaded up the car and we all picked a place to go and pray over. Our choices were CRMC, fire department located downtown, LCSD1, a neighborhood and ended at Element church. It was a great way to start our Easter Sunday. So blessed to be apart of Element church.

-S. Martin

After and inspirational message from Pastor Jeff (THANK YOU), dropping off food for our food pantry, receiving amazing instructions, and “love money” to share with the community – we were off…. Prayer Parade – as believers in the Power of our Risen Lord – we are privileged to PRAY with unshakable confidence for where He leads us to change our EVERYDAY and live with purpose….encouraging and refreshing…. My daughter and I, first went to the Wyoming Supreme Court and walked in the lovely snow around the entire building, laid hands on the doors and wept with thankfulness. Then up to the beautifully restored Capitol and laying hands on the doors….church members all around lifting their prayers as well at the same time – serving regardless of what is happening around us – FRUIT THAT ENDURES!!! Then to CRMC employee entrance and the cancer center and drive around prayer…. and the over to LCCC prayer and on the way the VA medical facility and the old Depaul hospital, Henderson elementary school, and Mountain Towers Nursing Home…. My husband plans on rejoining us for a late night evening run on the Prayer Parade. #elementgivesback

-M & K Silvey

Here we are again with Les joining Kailey and I for our second round of Prayer Parade so we could pray as a family. The power of prayer over
Hobbs Elementary School, McCormick Jr. High, and Central High, Governor and his home, Wyoming Game and Fish, Wyoming DOT, Our awesome Highway Patrol and our emergency medical response teams. We prayed all day for the Lord to reveal who should receive the $100 specifically and these amazing ladies on the night shift were NO DOUBT who the Lord wanted to have this generous gift. Thank you Pastor Jeff, Element staff, and JESUS for the opportunity to share in the POWER OF PRAYER, HIS PEACE REGARDLESS OF WHAT IS HAPPENING, AND LIVING ON PURPOSE FOR JESUS – Be strong and immovable church, peace in His presence, and unshakable confidence no matter or even if…… Love you all️ #elementgivesback

-L, M & K Silvey

After receiving our pack, we headed straight to the capitol building. Praying over our government. Next was CRMC, which is my 2nd home. Praying for all my fellow co-workers, knowing what we on the frontlines face each and everyday makes it a reality. Our staff can never have enough prayers. Next we stopped at East High School and prayed over the school, for the staff and students. Especially praying for the senior class. We blessed an Element Church member who is a single mom, who lost her waitressing job as that business decided to close. She has now found a job at Walmart, but stated this money was. Blessing for her and her daughter. Thanks Element Church for allowing us this opportunity. It was amazing!

-A. Burt

What an incredible Easter morning!! Watched an awesome message from Pastor Jeff online and then headed out to pray over Cheyenne.️ The church HAS left the building!! What a wonderful experience the kids and I were able to share in. Stopped at the Capitol building to pray over Governor Mark Gordon and all our government facilities and staff. Second stop was Stitches Acute Care as one of our good friends, Maria works there. Prayed also for the other frontline/first responder locations and facilities. Our last stop was to both schools the kids go to, Dildine and Meadowlark. What a powerful experience to be a part of with our church. God is so good, and He is risen!! Easter blessings from our family to yours!! #thechurchhasleftthebuilding #elementgivesback

-A Frogge

We were lead to pray at Baggs Elementary, where my wife works. We specifically prayed for protection over students in at-risk homes. We then went to the office of Parole and Probation, where we prayed that the staff would recognize the value of the people they work with and the important role they play in giving people a “hand up”. Our last prayer stop was at Dr. Babson’s office, where we prayed for protection and healing for all who enter through doors. Lastly, we were able to thank a truck driver, who had exited Walmart and was loading essentials into his truck. He graciously accepted the $100 and humbly stated that he was just “doing his part”. This was an Easter that we will not soon forget. A coworker of my wife’s stated, on facebook, that this outreach would change the way that many people in Cheyenne viewed the church. PTL!!

-B & K Patterson

This experience was the BEST! We prayed at the state Capitol for all our government leaders, at the CRMC emergency department for all the front line medical professionals who are working so hard to keep us safe while putting their lives on the line, and at Cheyenne East High School and Anderson Elementary as boy our kids are teachers doing their best to keep the kids where they need to be in school. We decided to give our $100 to a gentleman Tom met earlier with winter when we saw him trying to dig out feet of snow as his wife is not well and he was out of work, trying to make sure he could get his wife to the doctor. We stopped at his very small, unassuming home, knocked on the door and handed him the money. Apparently that doesn’t happen everyday! He was so very grateful and it just warmed our hearts. Thank you Element Church for leading the way in generosity!

-C. Bass

THE CHURCH HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!! What an amazing way to celebrate Easter, while social distancing! We went to the church and donated a non-perishable item, then we went to 3 locations…..a government agency,  first responder/medical facility, a school. We prayed over the facility and all the people who represent each facility.  If you were one of the first 100 cars from each online service, you received an envelope with $100 bill, to bless someone. God immediately put Rebecca Tegge on both my mom’s and my heart. So we went and blessed the Tegge’s. We love you and baby!! The hope and joy in my heart has been renewed! Happy Easter

-T. Williams

“The Church Has Left the Building”. This morning we were tasked by our Pastor Jeff Maness to pray over various places throughout town. We chose the County Courthouse, Health Reach, the Fire Station on Dell Range and Carey Jr. High. God gave us notice he was listening as we are at the courthouse and Commissioner Malm comes to pick something up from his office and the church bells ring. A gentleman at Health Reach asked us if we were working. We advised we didn’t work there but we were praying over the folks that did.
We weren’t working in the literal sense, but we were doing the Lord’s work.

Thank you for giving us the push to be untraditional and pray over our community.

-K. Nagy

Good morning Element family. My husband and I are in the process of moving to Cheyenne. We found Element back in December when we walked into the sancuturary we immediately knew we were home. We ha ve attended in person 3 times but faithdully look forward to watching on line every week.  We are truck drivers and have traveled 46 states since July of 2019.  In doing so we drive through many major cities and have passed by state capitals of the majority of them. This morning we drove by the Georgia capitol yesterday Tennessee. Your message on Sunday was extremely powerful to me as so many of yoirs are. Being on the road we encounter many homeless, single mothers and people struggling just to meet basic needs. I myself was homeless with three children not so long ago. We pray daily for our nations leaders and for you as our pastor. But it never occured to me to pray over our state capitols as we drive by. This morning and yesterday I lifted up our leaders as we passed through. We often try to bless those less fortunate when we have the chance. But your word has given me more intention when meeting those in places that I have personally been. Thank you for touching our lives so we can be inspired to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

-D & A Johnson

Easter 2020, so different from years past. No making breakfast or brunch for a large group of friends and family. No gathering within church walls. But WOW what a day it turned out to be!!
Our church – Element Church, lead by the amazing Jeff Maness and his phenomenal staff made it an Easter I will NEVER forget.  Pastor Jeff’s message was entitled “The Church has left the building” and that is what we did. After watching church online, we were asked to get in our cars, take a donation of non-perishable food to the church for our food pantry where we were given a Prayer Parade Packet.  The packet included a pamphlet telling us to go out and pray over three places: 1) a government building location; 2) a medical or first responders location; and 3) a school or educational facility.  Then the first 200 cars at the church were given an envelope with $100 cash inside and instruction to go out and bless someone in the community. That’s $20,000 our church blessed the community with yesterday.
Bill and I chose to pray over the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, Wyoming Highway Patrol,
Laramie County School District 1 Administration Office (where we took a socially distant picture with our friends the Klinck’s who were there at the same time) and Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
We were also fortunate enough to be one of the first 200 people and we were able to bless a fellow Element Church member and friend who is currently out of work.
Bill and I are humbled, grateful and  blessed to be part of such an amazing church that has such a huge heart for the community.

-B & M Morae

South high school,  the Department of Health,  and the fire station on Cleveland were the places we chose to pray over.   A server at our regular hangout (Shari’s) and a group of first responders was an awesome opportunity for blessings.   Thank you Element for facilitating church with no walls.

-A. Lebeda

Tonight my daughter ordered food from Door Dash. She tipped the delivery person as usual and then when the delivery driver delivered the food, my daughter handed the girl the $100 folded up with a note inside. We’re hoping her night was made very special thanks to Element!

-K. Westfall

Our family ran out of the house after the service in our pjs and drove to the Governor’s Mansion to pray for our Governor and The First Lady, our boys’ daycare/preschool, and lastly one of the local fire stations.

Unfortunately, we were not one of the first 200 people to show up for the $100. What can I say, we have 4 kids and are always late but as a family wanted to make our own generous impact, so in addition to praying for our first responders, we decided to hand deliver the post card and provide a gift card to the firefighters located at Fire Station #2 as a thank you for what they do!

Thank you Element Church for leading the way in generosity and prayer through these difficult times.

-B & W Fowler

The experience with the prayer tour was so powerful for me and I shed many sad and happy tears. Happy tears for seeing how God was working His magic in our Element community to  be a light to our city on Easter during this hard time! I prayed over the capital and our state’s political leaders, CRMC and all our frontliners in that building as well as the patients, and then South High School’s students and staff! God then spoke to me to donate the $100 to the Primrose Retirement Community!

-A. Frye

The experience with the prayer tour was so powerful for me and I shed many sad and happy tears. Happy tears for seeing how God was working His magic in our Element community to  be a light to our city on Easter during this hard time! I prayed over the capital and our state’s political leaders, CRMC and all our frontliners in that building as well as the patients, and then South High School’s students and staff! God then spoke to me to donate the $100 to the Primrose Retirement Community!

-A. Booker

My husband and I bought lunch at the Railyard Coffee Haus – one of our favorite places in Cheyenne – and gave them the $100 as a tip. They were very appreciative and yelled THANK YOU out the door as we drove away. It put me in tears and am so thankful that Element provided this opportunity to help our community during this time. Praise the Lord!

-D. Bacon

I realize this is a week later.  I posted pictures to the internet Easter Sunday and waited until today to post on this site.  I want to say that being able to grab my dog and go out into the city to pray was one of the most amazing things I have done.  I felt God’s presence with me the whole time.  I am a Program Director for Community Action so the places that I prayed for were personal ones.  The first place I traveled to was the Wyoming Department of Health.  I chose this location because this is the government office that has to make many future decisions about how to allocate money to help those in the most need.  Next I traveled to the City/County Health Building which is where Crossroads Health Clinic is located.  This clinic is under the Community Action umbrella and provides medical care to the homeless and low income.  I prayed for continued health of the employees and the people that they would be treating in the weeks to come.  While I was there, I saw two Cheyenne Police officers in their cars talking to each other.  I felt compelled to pray for them too and waved at them as I was leaving.  Next I traveled to Head Start and prayed for the staff and the children who have not been able to come to school since the shutdown.  I help the staff once in a while hand out bags of food for the children and many of the parents have the children with them.  The kiddos often wave and tell the teachers how much they miss them.  The teachers miss the children too.  It is all over the faces and the excitement in the voices as each child rolls by waving.  During my travels I prayed to God to find a person in need of the $100.  I saw a couple homeless people as I passed by but could not get turned around in time to get them the money.  I traveled to Walmart on Livingston and walked the isles for some time but God did not show anyone to me that I felt was in need.  Then I traveled to Family Dollar but again did not find anyone.  Finally I drove home feeling somewhat dejected because I had not found anyone but made the decision to order pizza the next day and then I would give the money to the delivery driver.  However, God had His most precious plans and I should have had faith.  The next day my neighbor knocked on our door and asked my husband if he knew where he could go to get some food.  He explained that he had been laid off for several weeks and did not have any food left.  My husband called me and I told him about the Element Church Pantry and while I was speaking to him I heard the Lord say “This is the person whom I want to have the $100.”  I walked inside and grabbed the envelop and handed it to my neighbor.  I think he was almost in tears.  He left shortly after that and got some groceries.  Thank you Element Church for your generosity and the mission you hold so dear.  I love this church and I love being a part of the blessings you provide each and every day.  God Bless you sisters and brothers.

-D. Robertson

We were a week late completing our prayer parade because I was sick last week. So one week after Easter, my fiancée and I prayed at the Laramie county courthouse, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and Katie’s Kiddie A-cat-emy preschool and childcare center . We chose these 3 because we are getting married and had to postpone our wedding due to COVID-19 and recognize the challenges the courthouse at this time. We have many medical professionals close to us that we wanted to pray for at the hospital. We even completed the labyrinth across the street. Finally, we  prayed at Katie’s Kiddie A-cat-emy. This is my small business that opened in September. God has blessed and grown it in amazing ways! The coronavirus has had an impact on our families, the business, and our school aged children. Online learning and social distancing are new challenges we are facing that we need Gods guidance.

We did get pulled over on our prayer parade—but didn’t get a ticket. Praise!

-K. Jameson

After watching a powerful message this morning from Element Church, Curtis & I spent the rest of the morning going around praying over various locations in Pine Bluffs.
Pine Bluffs Town Hall, Pine Bluffs Police Department, Laramie County Fire District #5, Pine Bluffs Ambulance Dept., Texas Trail Market, Laramie County School District #2 (both Pine Bluffs Elementary & Jr/Sr HS), Kimball Health Services (Pine Bluffs Health Clinic)
#thechurchhasleftthebuilding #elementgivesback #weareallinthistogether #youhavebeenprayedfor

-A & C Lund