Andy Hazelet – April 29th, 2018

Big Question:  What’s the big deal about Jesus?

Main Scripture:  Psalm 110:1-4.

Psalm 110:1-3 – 1The LORD said to my Lord, “Sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies, making them a footstool under your feet.”  2The LORD will extend your powerful kingdom from Jerusalem; you will rule over your enemies.  3When you go to war, your people will serve you willingly.  You are arrayed in holy garments, and your strength will be renewed each day like the morning dew.  (NLT)

  1. Jesus the King.

Matthew 22:41-46: 41Then, surrounded by the Pharisees, Jesus asked them a question: 42“What do you think about the Messiah? Whose son is he?” They replied, “He is the son of David.” 43Jesus responded, “Then why does David, speaking under the inspiration of the Spirit, call the Messiah ‘my Lord’? For David said, 44‘The LORD said to my Lord, Sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies beneath your feet.’ 45Since David called the Messiah ‘my Lord,’ how can the Messiah be his son?” 46No one could answer him. And after that, no one dared to ask him any more questions.  (NLT)

  1. Jesus the Priest.  

Psalm 110:4 – “The LORD has taken an oath and will not break his vow: “You are a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek.” (NLT)

 Hebrews 5:6b-9: “You are a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek.” 7While Jesus was here on earth, he offered prayers and pleadings, with a loud cry and tears, to the one who could rescue him from death. And God heard his prayers because of his deep reverence for God. 8Even though Jesus was God’s Son, he learned obedience from the things he suffered. 9In this way, God qualified him as a perfect High Priest, and he became the source of eternal salvation for all those who obey him. (NLT)