November 17, 2019

#Single – Week 6: Q&A

Jeff and Sabrina Maness-

To wrap up our #Single series, Jeff and Sabrina answer questions live on the topics of sex, relationships, dating, singleness and more.

Am I disobeying God by pursuing marriage to non-believer?

How can church be better about making platonic love more appealing? 

Is sex necessary for marriage?

Should couples go on dates?

Where does the Bible forbid unmarried people to abstain from sex?

Should we get a vasectomy if we believe we are called to not have kids?

What should I do if I have fallen out of love?

How do we rebuild a marriage?

How do single people approach sexuality?

Is cohabitating wrong?

Can I date a non-Christian?

What should I do in an unhealthy marriage?

How do I find freedom from porn?

How am I fulfilled in marriage?

Can I date as a single parent?

Should dating people talk about intimacy?

Should dating people talk about intimacy? 

How do I rebuild a marriage to a non-believer?

What should I do if I don’t feel like premarital sex is wrong? 

What does a godly transition from single to a relationship look like?

Can you have friends of the opposite sex when you are in a relationship?

What does dating as a Christian look like?

How do I keep prior abuse from destroying my marriage?

How does God confirm that He wants you to be married?

How does premarital sex affect a marriage?

How can we help children on divorce?

Is it cheating to flirt on social media?

Can I have a best friend of opposite sex while in a relationship?

Can a Christian use a dating site?

Can I call out my spouse for porn obsession?

How do I deal with my spouse when they guilt trip me to have sex?